Fiat Standard


• Author: Seifuddin Amos • Translator: Amirhossein Khaleghi • Year of publication: 1401 • Printing turn: First • Number of pages: 464 • Shipping time: 3 to 5 working days

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dear reader Thank you very much for buying the book "Standard Grammar" and I am glad to see that this book has been translated into Farsi. I am well familiar with Iran's inflation. The inflation of each country is different from another; The conditions of inflation and its consequences also differ in different places, but the main cause of inflation in all cases is one thing: modern state money! In the mandated money system, there is an exclusive authority called the central bank, which is the only institution that can issue money; The only way to trade with the outside world is this central bank, through which all international trade exchanges are forced. In this book, we have examined the money order. This system is the work of governments and allows them to earn their own money by creating debt! With Bitcoin, we can hope for the emergence of a new economy in the world that no longer revolves around people's borrowing and their permanent indebtedness. The interested reader will see in this book that in a bitcoin economy, a kind of financial system will prevail, which ironically has a lot of alignment with the principles of Islamic banking. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it, and most importantly, I hope this book helps you to be more prepared for the fall of fiat money and the rise of Bitcoin.

About the author

Saifuddin Amos is a famous economist and author, one of his famous works is "The Bitcoin Standard: A Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking", which was published in 2018 by Wiley Publishing. Amos also has research on the economics of Bitcoin, which he publishes on his official website. He is currently a professor of economics at the American University of Lebanon and is also a member of the Center for Capitalism and Society at Columbia University.

About the translator

Amirhossein Khaleghi was born on Mehr 17, 1359 in Isfahan city. He continued his education in the field of mathematics and physics until high school in Isfahan city. After passing the industrial engineering course in 1377 at Amirkabir University, he started his university studies and after graduating from this course, due to his interest in humanities and management topics, he went to Shahid Beheshti University for a master's degree in business management. He was busy continuing his studies. In 2007, by accepting a PhD in public administration, majoring in public policy, by changing the direction of his academic studies, he became closer to his personal interests in the field of studies. Simultaneously with his doctoral studies, he taught various courses at Tehran University's Faculty of Management and presented his doctoral thesis with the title "Discourse Analysis of Ethical Issues in Iran's E-Government Policymaking". Amirhossein Khaleghi has so far published various articles in the fields of management, social sciences, etc., and translated two books titled "Complexity and Management; Forget the systemic approach" and "Organizations, identity and image" in the compilation of two volumes of Iranian management books, together with the elites of the management field, he has explained the basics of electronic government. It should be mentioned that he is working with many institutions and organizations in the fields of education and consulting, he is teaching management courses at Tehran University's Faculty of Management, and he is publishing other books in the field of organization and management.